The finest in live generative songcraft

Staggered Labs is an exercise in abstraction, a band with no members. The medium is live MIDI; the mission is to bring some much needed artistry into the mostly academic world of generative music and composition. This is accomplished by designing, building, testing and deploying software that endlessly writes and performs its own compositions, broadcasting them instantaneously.

To hear the latest stream, Static Void, click the speaker at the top of the page. To hear Facets, go to the Facets live stream page and click the speaker from there. Otherwise read about the project, drop a's really not my concern beyond that.

Facets has just been redeployed with the new version of Aleator, and Static Void is finally seeing daylight!

The Aleator is the VST .NET assembly at the core of the operation. Read about how it works and how it fits into the stack.

Theories, algorithms, axioms, methodologies, manifestos, issues, ideas and probably some random bullshit.

*If Aleator is offline you will hear a fallback recording of a previous performance. Enjoy that.

Staggered Labs | 2018


Architect : Kwame

Local Machine : Unicron

Remote Machine : Marcel

Remote Machine : Xerxes


Online, 2014