The finest in generative streaming.

Our medium is algorithmic, live audio - what you hear playing right now* is Facets, our first prototype and our initial crack at bringing some artistry into the world of generative composition.

By creating our arrangements based on random elements, we can control certain aspects of our audio streams without specifying the details. You will recognize patterns if you listen long enough, but we are not recording artists. Our music is written and performed in real time, so you will never hear the same piece twice.  Our focus is on the composition, styling, performance and delivery of original live audio, 24/7.

Learn about our prototype stream, Facets. Also get general information about our stack and our overall approach to rendering music.

The Aleator is the VST .NET assembly at the core of our operation. Read about how it works and how it's leveraged within our infrastructure.

Gain insight into some of our theories, algorithms and methodologies. Strictly for the initiated.

*If Aleator is offline you will hear a fallback recording of a previous performance.