Static State

Hi Everybody-

Just some quick hits tonight. First, thanks to the people who have shown interest and offered word of encouragement recently - I appreciate it. Another you can tell from all of the sketches I've been tweeting out, I've been doing a lot of experimentation with Spectrasonics' Moog Tribute Library and enjoying it a lot. You should probably expect to hear a lot of Moogish instrumentation on the upcoming stream. I have three interval structures from Static Void pretty well fleshed out so I'm taking a break to do some software work while I have the energy.

I've been listening to as much generative as I can over the past few weeks. It's a little tough with me being such a rap & rock guy, and interesting because a lot of generative music is either ambient or almost purely rhythmic. I seem to be the only game in town in terms of cohesively generative melody and/or harmony. That said there are a lot of generative audio artists doing some interesting things - Renick Bell specifically is doing some really great work in the generative space. Also you might wanna listen to Rob Clouth and some of the other Leisure System stuff. A lot of this music isn't purely generative, but will have some generative or algorithmic elements. I'm still looking for an area where I might fit in a little more and be part of the conversation...something closer to generative pop. So far I'm not seeing it though....maybe that's not a bad thing.

I'm not gonna get into Autechre or Brian Eno. If you're reading this, you already know about them already.

Anyway...Static Void. Unfortunately, I have to do the thing I hate the most for a little while: run endurance tests with the Aleator, with a little regression thrown in. I'm introducing a ton of changes and there were known issues with the plugin running indefinitely as it was. I'm making some progress...if I get it to the point where it is consistently running for 3 days or more, I can live with that.

Once I get past that I will add a feature or two. Dynamic instrumentation (i.e. not having all the instruments always playing) is definite, and I might look into either fades or tuning the drum kits. I'm definitely going to add one more kit as well - I'll go with four total for this stream. Considering the fact that Facets only has one, that's plenty. Then finally, I'll get three more structures in there (6 total). I'm really excited about how the sketches are turning out and think the stream is going to shock a lot of people into believing.

In the meantime, I'll keep pumping out the sketches when I get time to tide you guys over. Thanks again for caring...