Testing, Testing 1 2

Real quick because I'm on vacation...if you're reading this, I need your help. Both Facets and Static Void streams are being actively tested right now and I can use all of the assistance I can get in determining which devices and browsers the web player isn't working for. If you go to the stream pages and the clicking the speaker at the top of the page doesn't activate the stream, please leave a comment letting me know so I can attempt to address it. I've received some complaints from some Android users (fuck you Eric), so I'm just trying to get a feel for how extensive an issue this is.

The streams are sounding pretty good and are relatively stable. There is still (at least) one unhandled exception to be dealt with but it's being thrown infrequently enough that I can address it later.

Regarding Facets - after being in a fallback state for sometime, it has been redeployed with the most recent version of the Aleator, which means it has some added capabilities - notably, multiple drum kits and chord changes on 8th notes. Hopefully this makes it a more...robust listen without changing the character of the original stream too much.

But really - whatever, I'm doing this shit for free. F it I'm going back to the beach. See you guys in a couple weeks.