Happy Saturday true believers. Another weekend, another immense dev task to tackle in my spare time. Today (and for the foreseeable future) I am working on changes to the Aleator that will allow chord changes on 8th notes; currently it only happens on quarters. This is one of the four major changes I was planning on implementing for Static Void:

  • Chord changes on 8ths
  • Drum kit changes between passages
  • Increased chord coloring (7ths, 9ths, etc)
  • Arrangement variation (inclusion/omission of instruments in a given passage)

Given where I am though, I will probably just move forward with the first three and implement arrangement variation in a phase 2. There have been a ton of changes since I last pushed to production which isn't good, so I will look to get all of that stuff tested and deployed and then get the new XML sets in place before any further Aleator changes.

Last week, my DAW (Reaper) stopped producing audio for a very long time, but didn't crash. This is the worst case scenario since it leads to silence in the production environment (a crash results in fallback files being played). Before I launch the next stream, I have to figure out a way to stop this from happening, or at least bring down Reaper when the Aleator stops producing notes. That's what we call a "P1" in the biz.

Wanna see how boring this shit is to implement? Here's a peep at the method I'm currently altering - this one determines drum totals if the Aleator has decided that it's going to play a Reggae style beat. Ugh.