The finest in generative streaming.

What you hear playing right now - assuming we're online - is not a recording. The audio is being generated live and streamed directly to your earhole from our virtual machine. This is Facets, our first generative music stream, and the only one in the world of it's kind.

By creating our arrangements based on random elements, we can control certain aspects of our audio streams without specifying the details. You will recognize progressions if you listen long enough, but the notes will be completely different and you will never hear the same composition twice.  Staggered Labs is not a recording enterprise. Our focus is on the composition, styling and delivery of original live audio, 24/7.

Confused? Click around. Not confused? Click around anyway. Enjoy.

Learn about our first stream, Facets, currently in development. Also get general information about our technology stack and our overall approach to rendering music.

The Aleator is the VST .NET assembly at the core of our operation. Discover how it works, how it was built, and how you can leverage it in your own compositions if you can hack it (literally).

With a few extremely notable exceptions, Chance is a relatively unexplored genre. Gain insight into some of our theories, algorithms and methodologies. Strictly for the initiated.